The Hermitess is the solo project of songwriter and harpist Jennifer Crighton, who comes by way of various other musical incarnations, including The Consonant C and Devonian Gardens. Stripping back the performance to a harp and a circle of women's voices, the Hermitess is an inquisitive, contrary, wounded, wise and ever dreaming incantation


Live Performances feature a changing cast of characters that may include:

Shara Raska, Julia Gunst, Randee-Lee Ross, Erin Rudling, Aimee-Jo Benoit, Richard Gallant, Melissa McWilliams, Jolene Toner, Laura Reid, Melyssa Nielsen, Eric Hamlin, Danny Vescarelli, and others...



Yellow Smoke: Jennifer Allyson

Live shots: and Mike Tan







Past Dates


JULY 17     - Blank Page Studio, Songwriters Circle - Calgary, AB - w/ Bashu Nami-Roi and Richard Garvey

JUNE 30     - Frogfest - Rocky Mountain House, AB - w/ Foonyap, Respectful Child and others.

JUNE 21     - Sled Island, King Eddie - Calgary,AB - w/ Les Fillies Illigdahd, Astral Swans, Hymn

MAY 26      - Album Release, Sunalta Hall - Calgary, AB - w/ Kenna Burima & Dark Time


DECEMBER 30 - Night Owl - Calgary, AB  - w/ Heavy Mountain & Slo Dance

NOVEMBER 19 - Femme Wave Festival, Royal Canadian Legion #1 - Calgary, AB - w catl., The Garrys, Man Meat, Homo                   Monstrous, Feed Dogs, Teeth & KP Smith

NOVEMBER 16 - Woolf's Voice #14, Shelf Life Books - Calgary AB - w/

NOVEMBER 5  - Infinitea - Fernie, BC - w/ Foonyap

NOVEMBER 5  - The Dome House - Fernie, BC - W/ Foonyap

NOVEMBER 4  - Captain's Cabin - Medicine Hat, AB - w/ Foonyap, WINT, Richard Inmann

OCTOBER 28  - Lethbridge Fish and Game Club - Lethbridge, AB - W/ Foonyap, Fox Eyes, Unbroken Circle Ensemble

OCTOBER 23  - The Sewing Machine Factory - Edmonton, AB - w/ Foonyap & HarshMellow

OCTOBER 22  - SCYAP Art Centre - Saskatoon, SK - w/ Foonyap & Respectful Child

OCTOBER 20  - Foonyap Album Release, Ironwood Stage and Grill - Calgary, AB - w/ Foonyap










by Hermitess


It’s a sonic disruption to almost anything else you’ve ever heard, and the whole thing unfolds like a secret garden coming to life after a long, harsh winter, cracking through the Earth bloom by bloom, branch by branch, song by song.


an album of appropriately desolation-evoking, nature-inspired songs for her debut as Hermitess. Akin to the austere spookiness of Chelsea Wolfe or the more subdued moments of Myrkur, Crighton creates her haunted, distant atmospheres by blending her voice with her harp, sometimes cloaked in waves of distortion